Bolster: A command request for aid from an ally. This is an open request under the discretion of the ally. An example of a Bolster request would be a fighter calling for a Blessing or Bull’s Strength. Though typically used to call for magical aid it can also be used as shorthand for simply helping an ally. “Rush orc, I Bolster.” would translate to Attack the orc in melee, and I will help you.

Dis: A shortened way of saying “dispel magic,” this word indicates that a spellcaster should dispel the magic on an indicated friend, foe, object, or area. The type of dispelling or negating magic is unimportant. A warforged uses “dis” for everything from dispel magic to remove fear. The command leaves it to the spellcaster to determine the spell needed to negate the effect.

Ground: This brief command is usually shouted by a member of a unit when ranged attack is imminent. Warforged understand it to mean that they should take cover if possible or simply lie prone if cover is unavailable.

North: Indicates the target is a commander.

Points: A shorthand way of indicating ranged attacks or spells.

Points north: This command indicates that soldiers should aim ranged attacks or spells at an indicated enemy commander.

Points south: This command indicates that soldiers should aim their ranged attacks or offensive spells at an indicated spellcaster.

Repair: Although often shouted like a command, this word is really a request for aid. Once used only when a warforged was in danger of being destroyed by damage, it indicates the need for repairing magic and for another soldier to take the warforged’s place in the fight.

Rush: This word means “attack” and is usually followed by a single-word descriptor, such as “north” for an indicated enemy commander or “south” for an indicated spellcaster. This command does not necessarily indicate a charge, only what the focus of a unit’s or soldier’s melee attacks should be. Thus, a warforged in an adventuring party fighting a spellcaster with a charmed ogre minion might call to the fighter, “Rush ogre,” while to the others he says, “Points rush south!”

Scarce: Usually whispered, this command indicates that soldiers should immediately hide.

South: Indicates that the target is a spellcaster.


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