Kingmaker Turn, 1 Month each turn.

Phase 1: Upkeep (Ruler, Marshall)

  • Roll Stability vs 20+Size+District’s, Success removes 1 Unrest (if unrest is at 0 add a BP), failure increases unrest by 1d4
  • Pay Consumption where consumption equals XX
  • Fill vacant item slots 50% each slot.
  • Increase Unrest by 1 for each E/L/S that is negative.
  • (Marshall may roll to reduce unrest)
  • If Unrest > 11 Lose a Hex of choice, if Unrest 20 Kingdom falls to anarchy.

Phase 2: Edicts

  • Confirm leadership roles
  • Claim an explored and cleared Hex.
  • Build Terrain Improvements
  • Create or Improve Settlements
  • Create or Manage Army Units
  • Set Edicts for Holiday, Promotion, Taxation

Phase 3: Income (Treasurer)

  • Deposit/Withdraw Gold. See p.205 for conversion rates. Every BP withdrawn increases Unrest by 1
  • Sell personal items to Kingdom, once per settlement, less value than the settlement.
  • Collect taxes, Treasurer rolls Economy, Subtract Unrest, divide result by 3, add this as BP to treasury.

Phase 4: Event

  • 25% Chance normally, 75% Chance if no prior Event. 75% Chance first Kingdom turn.


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