Kingmaker, Dragon slayer, Hero, Legend.

This is the tale of a company of mercenaries. Survivors of the Last War, the King of Breland calls once more upon your bravery and loyalty. King Boranel has called upon our heroes to purge Droaam of it’s empire of monsters before they can organize any further. The lands once claimed by Breland in Droaam will be deeded to you, to rule as you wish. First however, you must clear the lands of hags and harpies, ogres and medusa, and all manners of gnolls and worse.

Your first task is to reclaim a border fort, nestled in the mountains and little used. It sat upon a rich quarry once, and scouts say that ogres have moved in and claimed the land. Drive them out, destroy them, and claim the land that shall be yours.

Scions of Droaam

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